Is content marketing for manufacturers relevant? In an industry that does not seem to be quite as tied to the online world as others, it may be tempting to say that it is not, but this is not true. Global SEO and content marketing are relevant to all international businesses, including manufacturing, as companies look to grow and expand their reach, or maintain the reach they have.


Return on Investment for Content Marketing


When thinking about investing time in content marketing, and the potential return it could bring, manufacturers and other B2B companies need to consider the impact of just one new customer. One new customer can mean the difference between an average or low month and a month that exceeds expectations. A strong content marketing campaign can create that one customer. If a manufacturer does not have a strong online presence when that one customer goes searching for that product, the customer will go elsewhere.


Getting Over Boring Content Topics


One struggle manufacturers face is coming up with topics in a sometimes boring industry. The key to overcoming this struggle is finding the right kind of content. Instead of focusing on content that is attractive to consumers, B2B companies need to find content that is appealing to their particular target audiences, and that is often easier than originally thought. Remember, the goal is not to create a viral campaign. The goal is to create content that brands the company as a leader and attracts potential customers.


Types of Content to Create


Content marketing goes beyond just a blog post here and there. Videos and infographics can also draw traffic. Blogging is a great way to update content, but it needs to be done on a routine, at least twice a week. With a little bit of effort, the modern manufacturer can create and maintain an effective content marketing plan, and that plan can create a number of new customers to help fuel success.