Southeast Asia is a part of the world that many companies are eyeing when it comes to growth potential. This is true for nearly all aspects of business, so it only makes sense that shipping and transport in this region is something that needs to grow and change too. Major shipping player DHL has seen this opportunity and is poised to strike—they have plans to expand their footprint with the DHL Express South Asia Hub.

DHL plans to operate this as a 24-hour express hub. It is located within the Changi Airfreight Center, inside the Singapore Changi Airport. This is a convenient location, allowing for quick access to a number of transportation options. The hub will encompass over 23,000 square feet of floor space, and include a fully automated parcel sorting system. This should allow for faster and more efficient package handling for this rapidly growing market.

Not only will this hub allow for more efficient delivery of packages in this region itself, but it will make shipping in other Asian countries easier too. With hubs already existing in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok, adding one into Singapore for seamless package flow only makes sense.

Already a market leader in Asia, this move to grab ahold of the Southeast Asia market is a big step for DHL and will allow them to stay ahead of the competition both today and into the future. It will be interesting to follow the company in the months ahead to see how this hub impacts the bottom line of the company.

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