The airfreight industry is seeing an optimistic future, according to European forwarders. According to the annual survey from Danske Bank, Freight Forwarders in Europe are expecting to see growth in the coming months. Danske Bank recently surveyed European forwarders and found that respondents gave the airfreight mode an index of 67, which was greater than the 63 in February. According to the setup of the survey, any number above 50 is considered a sign of growth, so an index of 67 is highly positive.


Airfreight Positive, Seafreight Seeing Decreases  while airfreight is showing positive trends, ocean-based freight is not. Seafreight bookings are expected to stall over the coming months. In April, experts expect an index of 50 points, down two from march. Road freight is also expected to increase, with an index of 64, which is higher than 48 in February. Total, all freight is expected to see more positive numbers in the coming months.


Reasons for These Increases


Why are increases expected across most freight industries? A growing American economy is part of the reason. People in America are starting to spend money again, and relying on imported goods for some of their purchases. This, in turn, has caused increases across the shipping industry, as manufacturers seek to get their products to the American consumers.


About the Survey


Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark. Each month the bank polls 100 European forwarders, asking about booking volumes and their expectations for the coming months. The statistics are reported as an index number. Any values above 50 are considered indicative of potential growth.

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