When shipping items overseas, Cargo theft can be a huge problem. Thefts do occur, and occur often, but there are steps a business can take to ensure that theft is less likely to happen to them. As a global trade directory, Globallity wants to help our readers understand the steps they can take to Prevent Cargo Theft.


Avoid Shipping on the Weekend


Merchandise shipped over the weekend has a higher chance of being stolen. Thieves believe they can steel these items with less risk because the employees will not notice the theft until work begins on Monday, giving them a chance to erase any signs of the theft.


Insist on Secure Trucks


If freight will eventually be on a truck for delivery, which is almost always the case, make sure the trucks are secure. Tractor-trailers often do not have locks or the locks are not used. Ensure that they are. Visit truck carriers in person to see what security measures they take. Ask for both the driver’s ID and fingerprint, if possible, when a driver arrives to pick up your freight.


Secure Your Warehouse


When building your warehouse, limit the number of entrances and exists to avoid giving potential thieves too many entrance points. Have multiple cameras on entrance points to see all angles of the trucks that are picking up freight. Install alarms on warehouse doors to deter thieves from cutting holes in the doors to escape in that way.


Know the Trends


Know when thefts are most likely to occur and what types of items are being stolen in your area, then take measures to protect your freight accordingly. For instance, food items are the most common item to be stolen in the United States because they are so easy to sell. Research trends in your area to make better choices.


Protecting your freight is the key to successfully trading on an international level, without undue risk. Take these three tips to heart, and do what you can to protect your valuable freight.

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