Technology has completely altered the way that companies do business in 2016, and the cargo shipping industry is no exception. These days, your business will fall behind the competition quickly if you’re not investing in the latest and greatest technologies available.

One of the most beneficial changes to the cargo shipping industry in the past decade is the interactive global trade directory. With an international trade directory, you can connect with new consumers and markets that you would have never even known about without this tool. Additionally, you can use international freight shipping to grow your business in the U.S. and reach your full potential.

Cargo shipping will continue to be an important staple of the global economy for the foreseeable future, so you’d be wise to take advantage of international trading now. Here are just three of the many ways that an international trade directory can help your business reach new heights:

  • The benefits of global seaborne container trade
    Despite the tremendous advances in shipping and transportation in the past several years, global seaborne container trade still reigns supreme as the go-to option for successful companies. In fact, global seaborne container trade accounts for approximately 60% of all world seaborne trade. Shipping containers combine the benefits of durability and affordability for a seamless transaction every single time.
  • Tap into burgeoning markets overseas
    Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of an international trade directory is that it will allow you to connect with new markets around the world. For example, did you know that Asia was the poorest continent on the planet 40 years ago? It was actually about twice as poor as Africa is today. In 2016, it has the fastest growing economy and is twice as rich as Africa. If you’re not doing business in Asia, you can never reach your full potential.
  • Cement your status as an industry leader
    The U.S. is the world’s largest trading nation, with exports totaling over $2.1 trillion in 2011. This may go without saying, but this revenue would be impossible without global trade. If you’re striving to become an industry leader and outperform your competition, you need to get involved with international trade.

The financial benefits of global seaborne trade are truly endless, but you need to be smart about where you export and import. Find a trusted international trade directory online and take your business to another level.