Additive manufacturing, also known as 3d Printing, is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs in recent years. This technology is changing the way manufacturing is done and is breaking barriers in all areas of business. Unbelievably, additive manufacturing is having a huge effect on shipping and logistics too. Here are just a few of the ways it is already making waves.

  • Raw Material Shipping Will Always Be a Necessity – Those in the shipping industry may fear that additive manufacturing will cut down on the need for shipping services. While there may be a SLIGHT drop in the number of end products shipped somewhere down the line, this will only increase the amount of raw material that must be moved. Smart companies will focus on this.
  • Unique Packaging – The biggest use for 3d Printing? Creating products that are too unique to warrant a “full run” creation process. Shipping and logistics companies can easily create packaging solutions that meet the needs of customers, at a much lower cost than ever before.
  • The Technology Serves Shippers – Imagine a time when a shipper could download a file and create a needed part without having to order it? It could save time and money on repairs and replacement of machinery.
  • A Worldwide Market – As more countries realize the benefits of 3d Printing, shipping and logistics companies will be there to help make it happen. The companies producing these products need help getting the word (and product out).

Only time will tell exactly how big of an impact additive manufacturing has on shipping and logistics. For now, companies can simply embrace the benefits as they occur and sit back and enjoy the ride!