trade directoryWhen it comes to international freight shipping, everything is big. Global companies prepared 9,548 million tons of freight for shipping in 2013, and the U.S. goods and services exports supported an estimated 9.7 million jobs in 2011. You probably have already used several items that got to you from aboard one of these huge traders today.

If you are interested in the vast world of cargo shipping, there are several ways you can go about exploring it. It’s important to keep up on the latest in shipping news, since in such a vast industry, there are frequent changes. Check out these sources as places to learn the latest in international trade:

Local trade directory
This goes double if you live in or near a port city or major distribution center. A trade directory will list all of the ships in a port, other types of transportation methods, and information on manufacturers and freight forwarding. If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with the biggest names in the game, waste no time and check out an international trading directory.

The News
For the last several decades, world trade has grown nearly twice as fast on average as world production, so it’s no wonder that it makes it into the news with frequency. Learn to read between the lines and figure out how important world events, like natural disasters, war, and new scientific discoveries will ripple out and effect world wide trade.

The Stock Market
Many of the companies that have the most fingers in the shipping pie are publicly traded, not to mention the silent partners and investors that play an increasingly larger role in many shipping conglomerates. In the same way that the international news is riddled with clues about what’s going on in the shipping world, so too will the stock market yield unexpected indicators that could be important to your stake in and understanding of international shipping.

Whatever your mode of information, whether it be a newspaper of a trade directory, be sure to stay updated and check frequently to optimize your knowledge on international shipping companies!

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