The international freight shipping industry is more of an financial powerhouse than you probably realize. Here are just a few of the ways international shipping companies help support the global economy.

It Brings in Trillions of Dollars, and Supports Millions of Jobs in the United States
Exporting U.S. goods and services supported about 9.7 million jobs in 2011. That very same year, the U.S. was the world’s largest trading nation, handling over $2.1 trillion in trade. In other words, it’s thanks to cargo shipping that millions of Americans had jobs, and that the economy was able to stand as well as it could following the Great Recession.

International Shipping Has Revolutionized the Economy in Asia
It’s thanks to cargo shipping companies that Asia is doing so well economically nowadays. About 40 years ago, it was the poorest continent on the entire planet. In fact, it was twice as poor as Africa is today. Now, Asia has the fastest growing economy. It’s also twice as rich as Africa is.

International Trade Is Helping Fight Poverty Across the World
An international trading company’s business not only directly drives the economy, but also indirectly helps fight poverty. Thanks to all the business done by cargo shipping companies, 500 million people around the world have been lifted above the poverty line in the last 15 years because of economic growth. In fact, trade has reduced poverty by about 80%.

It’s thanks to the international shipping industry that the global economy is able to stand as well as it currently can. In the United States, it supports millions of jobs and brings trillions of dollars into the economy. In Asia, it’s revolutionized the economy, and allowed it to make a comeback. Across the world, international shipping has pushed poverty back, lifting millions up to a place they can not only survive, but live.

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