Auto Trader is showing that alternative fuel cars are showing a strong gain in the UK including the highest year-to-year growth compared with standard fuel models. Auto Trader tracks the market value of automobiles based on manufacturer, model, fuel types and segments.

According to the last statistics, alternative fuel cars increased 62 percent in November 2015 over the year before, bringing the market share up to 1.12 percent from the previous 0.76 percent.

Prices for alternative fuel autos have gone up 6.5 percent because rising demand and mix of cars in the marketplace. The year-to-year metrics clearly show the increase of interest in the UK for hybrid and electric automobiles. Manufacturers are noticing this interest and are driving their teams to offer alternative fuel cars that will appeal to the public. Most recently, Ford announced a large effort to manufacture more of these vehicles. Alternative fuel cars are being shipped around the world to meet the growing demand for green vehicles.

The recent data also reveals new trends in the market for alternative fuel cars including hybrid and electric cars. Hybrid vehicles are depreciating more slowly than other types of fueled automobiles initially, but trends show that depreciation will level out in the way it does for gas and diesel car models. This trend gives hybrid owners a comparable value in their vehicles to diesel- and gasoline-fueled car owners.

The second trend is that electric cars are depreciating at much higher rates than hybrids. The first two years show rapid depreciation, faster than diesel, gas and hybrid cars. Electric cars have less versatility than hybrid cars due to being reliant on electric charging stations, limiting their travel to areas that are within battery-life distance of a charging station.