Although technology has reduced the need for some manufacturing careers, there is still a need for smart, talented people to join the industry to replace aging workers. The industry in the UK has seen a decline in the workforce even while production is increasing at 2.8 percent per year. In 1966, the UK manufacturing workforce numbered more than 8.9 million workers. Today that number has dwindled to fewer than 2.7 million. With a clear need to encourage younger people to enter the manufacturing industry, The Skills Show was developed.

What is The Skills Show?

The Skills Show is an organization that was developed to help drive young people into careers that are needed to support the current economy and growth. The show holds an expo each year to showcase career possibilities, counsel young people on career opportunities and allow manufacturers, businesses and organizations to mix with teachers, parents and future job holders. It is a great opportunity to influence the future workforce in a positive way while helping the economy grow. The 2015 Skills Show was held at the NEC Birmingham on November 19 to 21 with a focus on manufacturing. Exhibitors included major corporations including ABP Food Group, a leading food processor for Europe, BAE Systems, a technology-led defense and security solutions company and Toyota, Volkswagen and Jaguar Land Rover. Attendance was about 75,000 young people.

Free to Attend

The Skills Show is free to attend and the UK’s largest career and skills event, created with a goal to help shape the future of the UK’s next generation. It is wonderful opportunity for youth seeking long-term careers to meet with the companies influencing their growth. The show’s leaders encourage finding a match between interests and skills of the youth with the needs of the country’s manufacturers and other businesses.

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