Social Media Marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to market a new business or product on a global level. Not only can you reach millions of people, you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of your marketing budget to achieve your goals. There are several types of social media that can be used on a personal and professional basis.

Professional Social Media Sites

If your target is industry professionals, sites like LinkedIn and Manta are the ones to use. While Manta is more of a business directory, it acts much like social media because it includes an abundance of additional information that other types of lists do not. With LinkedIn, you can connect with individuals who have the same area of expertise you do. This gives you the opportunity to build a network that reaches far across national borders and allows you to share your views and insights with one another. It also gives you the opportunity to trade business with individuals who can benefit from your products or services.

Personal Social Media

Personal social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allows you to use your customers to your advantage. Encourage them to like and share your page and products. Word of mouth has always been the greatest way to advertise. It’s cost effective and it spreads like wild fire. With social media marketing, friends and family of your customers can get a first hand look at your page when the person shares it and also has someone they can ask when it comes to personal opinion. Whether your customers¬†are next door or across the global, your message travels fast.