The manufacturing industry is changing, and technology is continuing to play a greater and greater role in the industry. Those who are considering the future for their own manufacturing or shipping firms can benefit from knowing about upcoming trends in the industry. Here are the Top 5 Manufacturing Trends in 2015:

  1. Internet of Things

Growing connectivity between devices, including manufacturing machines, and the Internet has increased the productivity of many industries. Interment of Things technology allows devices to communicate with each other without human help, and this is reducing down time, increasing the quality of manufactured products and reducing waste across the industry.

  1. Social Media

Social media is not a new trend, but one that is growing in importance. Manufacturing companies are pushing to create and use a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and now the key is finding a strategy to make that presence an effective tool to enhance visibility through thoughtful communication.

  1. 3D Printing

The public is becoming increasingly aware of 3D printing technology, and as a result manufacturing is starting to look at ways to incorporate the technology into their businesses.

  1. Nanotech

The tiny world of nanotech is increasing in importance in manufacturing as well. Manipulating products on an atomic level makes improvements in the overall design. From creating stronger golf clubs to crafting cloth that is more stain resistant, nanotech is transforming products, and that transformation starts at the manufacturing level.

  1. Increased Flexibility

Growing consumer expectations means creating flexibility in the manufacturing world. Equipment needs to be adaptable and flexible to adjust to the changing needs and demands of consumers, who expect their products to meet exact specifications.

Do these trends affect your business? If you are working in manufacturing or in industry connected to manufacturing, such as the shipping and freight industry, then you will be affected by these trends, and need to understand them.


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